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Post Mikes

I'm planning on buying a lavalier.

I've been told (by a salesman--so a little suspect) that the best mike for my purposes is the Sennheiser EW112. I've got a chance to buy one at a pretty good discount, but its still pretty expensive.

Apparently Sampson makes one that is very good for a fraction of the cost.

Does anybody know if the extra cost is worth it? I don't want to spend extra money for features that I don't need. But I am willing to pay what it costs to have my sound problems go away forever.

Any audiophiles out there?
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Zack, good that you are a natural skeptic. For the price of one Senn. you could get 10 other perfectly acceptable brands. For a good, all around all purpose mic, try the Shure line. They have a great lavalier system and a great name to back it up. FYI, from now on anytime you ask around for mics, regardless of the brand, I recommend you ask for their "camcorder systems". This way, BOTH the transmitter and receiver modules will be the size of a cigarette pack. Good luck!
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