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Apple where to be on canada day

hey. where's the best place to be on canada day? do you need a license to busk at the ottawa parlaiment buildings? is it really good up there? otherwise, i was thinking of staying down at harbourfront. anyone know what that's like?

any info on a place that's good for july4 could be good too. preferable not too far from toronto. thanks.
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Brian Wilson
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Ottawa on Canada Day.

I'm probably the most appropriate person to respond to this, as we've worked Canada Day in Ottawa (our hometown) for the last few years.

Picture this, the downtown core, and much of the market area is closed off so hundreds of thousands of patriotic flag waving Canadians congregrate in the area for a party, which is peaked off by the fireworks later that evening.

During the day the streets are closed down and pedestrians rule. This opens up some good performing spaces, but pedestrian and vehicle traffic is so heavy that it's sometimes hard to find a good workable pitch.

Don't even bother trying to perform on Parliament Hill or Majors Hill Park, they are strictly controlled by the National Capital Commission (NCC) and only hired acts are allowed to play.

Some good spots to busk include in and around the Chateau Laurier, on Sparks street (at closed off intersections) and possibly on Wellington - the street that the Parliament buildings are on.

I'd love to hear form any performers coming into Ottawa to work July 1st, as everyone could meet up for a big dinner - hang time (as i'm told happened last year on the market pitch)

July 1 is definately the time to be in Ottawa, and there's crowds and pitches a plenty. If you want more info drop me an email.

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