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Butterfly Rome, Italy

I've been in Rome for two days and I have blisters on my feet from walking around looking for cool pitches (and art, of course.)

The only street performers I've seen have been in and around Piazza Navona. Right in the piazza are several statue mimes and one guy doing mime/movement/Michael Jackson impressions to music. No circle shows and no one doing any active crowd gathering/crowd control. There are also several roving accordian players and violinists playing to the people eating at the plentiful outdoor cafes. They will play and hold out a cup for donations. I talked to one of the statues in limited English and found that there haven't been any jugglers/circle shows in about a year. She also said there were no permits required and you just had to be considerate of the other acts and businesses.

Other potential pitches are outside the Pantheon (I saw a statue person there) and Campo di Fiori (a lot like Harvard Square, Cambridge, very lively at night.) And last night I went across the river to Trastevere and it was hopping. There are huge piazzas (squares) all over the place... wide open and crawling with tourists.

I came here for vacation, but everywhere I look I wish I had brought a few props.

More later,
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