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Ass Centro Ybor

Did anyone check this place out?


scot nery</A>

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Ybor City is the historic Cuban section of Tampa. Very popular place for both locals and tourists, especially if you are into authentic cuisine. About four years ago they began allowing pedestrians access to the main streets during Fri and Sat nights, and there are several possible pitches especially if you camp out at an intersection. The feel of these nights is very similar to Mardi Gras: lots of drinking and yelling and navel piercings. The police only seemed concerned with fire and knives; amplification is NEEDED, so the police can't give you problems on that issue. Overall, a tough pitch with all the distractions and noise, but it has been done.
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We have done some work there. They are willing to start your hat of fairly well. The entertainment director there is a realy nice guy and seams to be willing to work with any act that fits with there location. They have street parties on friday and saturday nights. They bring in alot of people, The street can be realy packed. There are also 3 or 4 good locations. Very "stage like". We like it there. I know I had fun.
James Ashton
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