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Olive Juice
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Default National Busking Tour

Hello Everyone!

We're Olive Juice, comprised of Nick (Upright bass) and Danielle (Vocals and ukulele.) We play a lot of covers starting from the 1920s - 2011 as well as some fun loving original music. We're originally from Philadelphia. We're often found playing in Rittenhouse Square as well as the Philly subway. This summer, however, we're making our way across the United States and through Canada for 3 months playing in the streets as well as some restaurants and bars.

We're going to a pretty large amount of cities that we've never been to before. I was curious if I post the lists of the cities if people would be willing to give us information on housing, venues, restaurants and cool places to see. Let me know!

Here's our youtube page if you're interested in checking us out and if I get any feed back I will surely post the list of our cities!

Thanks, guys!

Nick & Danielle (Olive Juice)

PS - If I've put this in the wrong section, feel free to move it!
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Olive Juice
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I forgot to say places to busk when we list the cities as well. I know some places have really strict rules where other cities almost encourage it. Super valuable information since we're paying for the entire tour with busking money. Thanks again!
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Default Sounds interesting.

Ukulele and stand up bass; sounds fun. Are you visiting Boston?

Here is a good source for info:

Stephen Baird lives in Boston, (JP) and has been helping to fight for the right to busk since the 70's. The "buskers advocates" site is the latest way he is helping us all.
I live next to Boston, and I don't travel, so I only know Boston, (and Cambridge), and a limited sample of that. There was universal grumbling about how bad $$ were in 2010, both on the street, and in the entertainment business in general. Harvard Square would seem to be deader than a doornail....Still, some of us continue to do the things that we love to do. I've even seen people busking in Davis Square, Somerville. I have no idea what that permit situation might be.

Ciao - Kevin M
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Olive Juice
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Great information, Kevin! I've seen that site before, but not that particular section of it and it is SO helpful. We will be in Boston. I've seen that you need a permit that is only available by audition only in April, where we're both still in Philadelphia. So we're unsure if we should just try busking sans permit or not busk at all. Anyway, this is the list of the cities and states we'll definitely be stopping in and a rough estimate of the days we'll be there:

New York City - 5 days
Connecticut -
Rhode Island -
Boston - 3
New Hampshire
Portland - 1
Quebec City - 2
Montreal - 3
Syracuse - 1
Rochester -
Buffalo -1
Hamilton -
Toronto -
London, Canada - 1
Detroit - 2
Chicago - 2
Saint Louis -3
Missouri -
Kansas City -3
Colorado -
Denver - 4
Boulder - 1
Salt Lake City - 3
Utah -
Idaho - 2
Washington -
Vancouver - 3
Seattle - 3
Portland - 5
San Francisco - 5
Los Angeles - 3
Las Vegas - 1
Phoenix - 1
New Mexico - 2
El Paso - 1
Texas - 1
Dallas - 2
New Orleans - 3
Birmingham - 2
Atlanta - 3
Charleston - 1
Raleigh - 1
Virginia -
Washington D.C. - 2
Maryland -
Delaware -
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Olive Juice
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Sorry I keep posting, but I thought I put in this little video:
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Now thats what i call a TOUR!!
Sorry im not in the US or CN to help
Good luck n respect
Feel the Flame
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Default CA and USA Tour

Hi There =)

My partner Rusty and I will be touring through Canada and The USA busking for 3 months this summer as well =) Unfortunately, we haven't been before, so we're in the same boat as you!

We are thinking of hitting the summer festival circuit in Canada - Buskers on the boardwalk, Halifax etc, and then making our way down to Nevada for Burning Man and then up to Vancouver before heading back home to Australia for the Fringe Festival Circuit over here.

Perhaps we will get to meet you on our travels, in the mean time i would be happy to share information as we find it =) Feel free to email us at to stay in touch!
Tarrabelle and Rustickle
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