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Default NEW FORUMS!!!!!

OK everyone. I have the wheels turning and will hopefully have a brand new installation of vBulletin running on the server within a week or so.

I do not know which day the upgrade will take place because I am coordinating with a pro to do the upgrade/mirgation of database, but it will be soon. You may come by one day and the forum will be OFF and that means the upgrade is happening. Once everything is working, I will turn everything ON again and we'll be on our way.

Also, I am planning on re-vamping the whole site to run IN the forum. Or, to put it another way... will run on a forum platform. Meaning, I will be integrating the Library into it's own forum and Links page into it's own forum... so everything will be much easier to keep updated (which it is not at the moment.) Also, that means Library authors will be able to edit and add articles whenever they want and members will be able to COMMENT on articles, etc.

Also, there will be more surprises, but we'll get into that after the installation is complete.

It's been a long time coming, but it is really happening.

Oh, and the new forum software lets people change the "last post on top" preference individually. (For everyone that's been asking.)

More soon!
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