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Default Sing-along with Kevin M.

Hi fellow buskers! Ok, I haven't actually busked since, well, I'm not sure, maybe 2007? I still use the many lessons that I learned as a busker in my children's music show/program.
I tried posting this before, and then my computer crashed, so today, just a little about the beginning.
I started busking in December of 1978 in various downtown Boston subway stations under the "Music Under Boston" program. Yes, the government actually encouraged us to perform!
After some success in the subway, I thought, gee, I'll really make a killing in Harvard Square; this must have been March or April of '79. My first day in the Square, I couldn't get a single person to stop, and I made $2.
My lack of solo success led me to join/form countless combos, both impromptu and rehearsed. I just ran into someone last week who said, "I remember you, you were in Faneuil Hall and Oates." Fans are nice.
Eventually I formed a group called "Hoot Spa" with Mark Tinder of "Slaphappy" and Bob Comtois of "Strings Attached." and of course herocaine Dennis on bass. We got big enough crowds that it made sense to "bottle " the crowd, and we went on to do clubs, parties, colleges, high schools, coffeehouses and lots of busking.

Ciao for now - Kevin M

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