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Scot Free
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Default glo balls?

looking for good glo balls, any reviews or biases? i see renegade has new ones....any good?

I was at the adalaide fringe last year and the juice guy had these glo balls that turned different colors and could flash depending on the setting.... they were really cool. anyone know where to get these?
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Default Glowballs

I like the renegade balls. They take four expensive batteries though. But because of the price you get a good set of balls. I have no experience of color-changing balls.
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Evan Young
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Default aerotech

aerotech is very expensive and very cool. I have a set of the solid color blue ones and they rock. I do wish they were slightly bigger and a bit softer, but they hold a charge for a long time and are pretty durable.
made in ireland or somthing.
the color changing ones are programable by tapping them or somthing.
they also make glowing clubs, devil sticks and poi crap. In the US you can order them through serious juggling (they may take forever).

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The Approving Ninj
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aerotech are the best in my opinion they are really long lasting and the colour changing options look just plain amazing. They are soonish or have been saying for the last year, that they are coming out with 3 colour clubs with Red Green and Blue LEDs in which will allow for really stupid amounts of different colurs the v7s will also have a usb port for programing with the computer due to the silly insane new options that they will be having.

next is passe passe who's third generation glo balls are much much better than their old ones the newest ones have brass plugs for battery covers that give a much better protection than the old ones, the older ones are really tetchy. They do a seven colour changing one but it's a constant speed change and you can't control the colours

there's also mathmos balls which don't glow as nice but are tougher, they're orginally interior design light but can be used for juggling and look rather pretty

any othre questions
/ >

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Niels Duinker
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Spotlight circus productions produces awesome glowballs, looks just as aerotech, but are cheaper and with battery.
I just got 5 new white glowballs from this brand from David Marchant. Awesome!
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Default Glowballs

Serious Juggling has stage night hack balls for $16 each, and they have replacement batteries at fairly reasonable rates, if you ask them. I got five and was quite pleased with the quality for the price, although the yellow wasn't quite as bright as the others. They are soft and juggle quite nicely. Here's the link:
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My problem with going with
First, they are very expensive, and over the past few years i have dropped thousands of dollars on their props. I have color hanging clubs (5) and 8 programable balls.
Second, I treat them very well and never mistreat them, but some how they always break and one day just wont work. I wrote the people there an email, saying i spent a shit load amount of money and now these balls wont even light up, and they said they could give me a lil discount on new balls, but won't fix them. UGH!

I heard of from Mike Price who also uses their props, he has had trouble with their props breaking on him too. Good luck.
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i use alot of there props, we have about 9 pro balls, three sets of meteors, three clubs and 2 staffs..

They do fail from time to time, but they seem to be the best in the market, and with the launch of there new complete colour changing club lumming, i think they will be great!!

Its very annoying that they somtimes fail, but nothing lights up just as well as them?
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