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I am actually in Spaiń and am busking modern acoustic guitar in the streets.
Here`s some places good to try..
(for ANY kind of act.)

Southern Spaiń:Sevilla ,`Sierpe``street.
Granada ,Every plaza,square , lots of pedestrian streets such as ^mesones^ street ,plaza nueva , de catolicos..There is a square every corner sooo...
cops do not care except if you sell sunglasses , asian tissues , cd`s or toys.

i am goig To Barcelona tommorrow.
Anyone wants to go in Portugal ?
Lisbon is awesome.
The huge pedestrian quarter of the town called `Rossio` , is an excellent place ,especially the long ``San agusta street.
Wide space where portuguese and tourists flows till 8-9 pm.
easy to get crowds , to my advice.
(yes even with music you can get crowds...)

Lisbon is easy.
Impossible to do anything in the subway there
but outside is anyway more attractive.
The siesta does not affect anything I would say.
Hmmm...That`s about it.For now.I will tell more where i will go.

tappy guy.

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Hello Everyone,
Aezmhyrd, or anyone else that has worked here (I know The Balloon Man- Mike was planning a trip to Barcelona):
How is Granada? I'm planning a trip there, probably around the end of the year, and would like to hear from some of what you think.
I know it's not the best time of the year to perform, but heck, neither is Chicago!
Any laws or regulations I should know about? Do I need a permit? How are the cops? How about the people? How do you guys think the mandatory Euro will affect tipping (that starts with new year right?)?
Do you know of any must see shows or performers over there? Any recommendations for food, shelter or women? :-D
I'll talk to you all later,
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well,after a suitable decompression time from europe to canada...heres the poop with barcelona...i was there for about 3.5 weeks in sept/ will run you around 2500-5000 pesetas a night (best of the worst)($1CA=110p) .
the major pitch is the center meridian of the ramblas...the major tourist walking street...and its overrun with living statues.however finding a spot to perform is never a problem because it runs for 10-15 blocks.permits are required,but not enforced by the police unless they want to.i never had one.
you can perform in english,and most of the real money comes from tourists but some rudimentary spainish is a must.i found that the locals really resent the assumption they speak english,it is spain after all.
the money is kinda weak for shows, and my rational behind that, is the sheer amount of people comin down there to avoid the winter...who just use performing as a guise for begging(picture dirty hippies with tin whistles).
a coupla performers doin circle shows really had a rough go...with full circle shows makin anywhere from $4-30CA for a big show....the audiences are overwhelmed ...and feel a lil on awares with all the hustlers and beggars...the total lack of enthusiasm and money really took the piss out of some was almost like the movie "the shining".turning upbeat optimistic performers into, bitter, disgruntled drunks with an ever greater contempt for there audiences.each day the cops came by with a new fire or amp. music is alllowed,and the latest rule was no shows after 10pm.
you can make enough to survive there...but make sure you have a way out...i can see it easy to get stuck thing that sticks in my mind was a young man with a piano,playing really hot rag/blues with his buddy wailin a mean steel guitar...after 15 mins of incredible showmanship....his hat...$3,and 2 of it was mine...and he had to carry a friggin piano around...
it was one of the few citys i felt embarrassed to be a performer,simply by the hustle and desperation to make a living some "performers" had,that reflects on all the performers, regardless of the caliber.
still, its a beautifull city to visit and i'll probably go back...but dont go broke.
any questions email me.

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YeaH!!! Spain is the best!!! Yeah I think every performer who is currently making a living in say Switzerland ...Holland or France ...should drop what he or she is doing and go directly to spain... 2 thumbs up on SPAIN....Nick Nickalas wants to go there just for the SMILES...If it's good enough for NICK...I should be good enough for YOU TOO!!! ...I say go there ...and be there NOW...OH YEAH !!!

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