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Your Host
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Default New MotionFest Forum Section

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the new MotionFest forum Section. I've started a new section to keep all MotionFest discussion in one place. I'd also like to try an experiment... During MotionFest Reno, Michael Rosman is going to have a terminal set up for attendees to post daily news, thoughts and reviews of classes right here on Hopefully, we'll even see some photos or video news right as it's going on at the festival. If this takes off, I hope to have some similar things in place for more festivals... stay tuned.

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Michael Rosman
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MotionFest Greetings to All!

I'd like to welcome everyone to this new MotionFest Forum on We hope that you will visit this forum for MotionFest event details, to arrange rides and roomates, make suggestions for upcoming MotionFests, find alumnai, give testimonials, post questions, and participate in general MotionFest Blah Blah Blah. MotionFest shares Jim's vision for the future growth of in terms of size and importance and hopes to help him reach the lofty goals he has set for this online resource. The organizers of MotionFest look forward to the posts of both alumnae and everyone else here on this new Forum.

MotionFest is the professional development conference of high level variety artists...the focus is on performance. To learn more about it, check

Best Regards,
Michael Rosman
Producer of MotionFest (2nd)
Performer (1st)
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Philip D.
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Send a message via AIM to Philip D.

Just to clarify, if you dare try to change your roomates I will personally kill you! With that being said, if you do have roommate choices that you DID NOT INDICATE on the extremely user friendly registration form, please email me about them.

Best Regards,
Philip DePalo
University Student(5th)
Paramedic (4th)
MotionFest Coordinator (3rd)
Performer (2nd)
Michael's Bitch (1st)
Philip DePalo, MS, NREMTP
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