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Michael Rosman
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
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Post MotionFest East

We've had three awesome festival/workshops,
tremendous instructors and absolutely amazing attendees.

The talent, the networking, the creative juices that make
MotionFest what it is - is incredible. There are people who
have attended all three, I expect 70% of MotionFest 2002 attendees will
have been to a previous MotionFest. If these dates are not suitable for you, plan
on Reno in February, we are finalizing information for that
one...But if possible, make it to MotionFest East in November!
--Wil Allyn

The long awaited information is up on the MotionFest Website.

Go to to learn about and register
for the conference that everyone is talking about.

Share this info with your friends

MotionFest East 2002 workshop teachers will include

+ a star performer from Cirque Du Soleil
+ an artistic director and founder of the Dell'Arte School of
Physical Theatre
+ an amazing clown/mime/teacher from Paris
+ an innovator in world of magic
+ the coolest and most unique puppet/object manipulator you've
ever seen
+ a star performer from the Big Apple Circus and former
teacher from RIngling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown

+ and Fred Garbo!

all of them along side of copyright attorneys, trademark
attorneys, accountants, agents, stage techs., voice and stage
makeup coachs

and our famously supportive, inspirational and invaluable
critique sessions

register before the early discount periods expire!

MotionFest is the professional development conference for high
level variety entertainers.

But don't take it from us----read some quotes:

ps (please don't hesitate to add your two cents and forward
this to anyone you know in the performing field!)

MotionFest is supported by:

The Big Apple CircusŪ
International Jugglers' Association
Celebration Barn -
Creative Alliance
Denny & Lee Magic Studio -
Misdirections Magic Shop
Dell' Arte International School of Physical Theatre
Harborplace and the Galleria
Circus Center (formerly San Francisco School for the Circus Arts)
Towson University Graduate Theatre Department -

and more!

For additional questions/info use
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Drew Richardson
Dramatic Fool
Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: Pittsburgh, PA US
Posts: 52

Moved from blahblahblah:

Motionfest has:
inspired me to create new material
improved my show dramatically
made me a better performer
gotten me work
kicked me in the butt
and given me a standing ovation

The same could happen to you.
See you there
Drew Richardson the Dramatic Fool
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Rich Potter
Senior Member
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Location: Maryland, USA
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Oh, yeah; Motionfest.

It kicked my butt and made me:
look more at my material
write new material
get my thoughts organized
hone some of the subtleties of physical comedy
break bad habits
think about how I'm marketing
think about how I do my taxes
get insurance
plan for my retirement
and a bunch of other stuff

I loved connecting with the people there. Many quality people and quality performers involved. Great parties. It's kind of a family. Seeing so many MotionFest T-shirts at the IJA festival in Reading was a cool, "homey" feeling.

Rich Potter
Comedy, Juggling, and
Other Disasters
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