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McDonaldsization of street performers, is I think an unfounded fear. If the American population are further conditioned to accept prefabricated pap as reality then maybe but even though reality moreso in America than anywhere else is a dimwitted feelgood collective hallucination built on exploitation and held up like that is some cherished principled ideal interchangable and technically identical with the concept of 'freedom' while actual freedoms are whittled down to the fact that your scrotum is public property at American airports and given also that the idea of 'disposable income' and 'leisure time' are constructs that have hypnotized the population while they actually commit to entire lives of indentured debt and servitude masked as lifestyles spent being culturally programmed in front of a glowing box when not working or purchasing things the box tells them to on their 'days off'

Well you get the shitty culture you are prepared to put up with is my point and the fact that you have one promoter putting on a raft of cookie cutter street fairs, [which are entirely different entities from a street festival as we here know and are employed by ]

is the reason your objection to new efforts to produce street festivals runs counter to your own argument. Just as the touting of SF as a world destination with it's huge entertainment catchment runs counter to your argument that festivals alone are predominantly responsible for empty rooms.

As far as street theatre goes America leads in many things but it's the handicapped poor cousin of street theatre. The best american performers don't even bother visiting it, it's just too inhospitable. Dirty Fred would get arrested. Space cowboy just has got arrested in NY, doing what he can freely do throughout Europe and Australasia so to that degree American street theatre has already been McDonaldsized. It's only career masochists like Eric who exist as exceptions proving the rule.
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