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Second what Lee says. Not sure where you have been working, but I've had wonderful luck with festivals, been treated extremely well, and made great friends and great money.

Interesting to think about festivals taking away from the local scene - I know in Christchurch, they specifically book buskers who are not working the street, so that the audience will see something new at the festival.

Many of the locations I work don't have a circle show scene - there may be small music buskers, but the festival is a different beast, bringing in much larger acts and shows that otherwise wouldn't come. Your example of Arcade Fire is pretty right on - they probably wouldn't come play a club.

So the question is - are the venues/locals *entitled* to a monopoly? Because you're basically arguing that any town with a hamburger stand should be facing off against McDonalds. Perhaps business owners should anticipate that some weeks of the year will be awesome and others will be competing against an outside event? Would you argue that they are entitled to a clear playing field every weekend, and that anyone who wants to see Arcade Fire had better be able to afford a ticket to Montreal to watch them there?
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