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Default Sometimes we need to think about everyone

This is from the Key West News.
"Joke's over for escape artist
While Keys residents and tourists wondered and worried about Michael Patrick's whereabouts after he jumped off Mallory Pier in a straitjacket Halloween night, he was checking into a Key West bed and breakfast with his girlfriend and his dog, police say."

I don't keep posting here just to be a voyeur, to me this kind of "joke" shows a real disrespect for other people and their feelings. I would go one to say that, in my opinion it is this lack of respect and thought about the feelings of others that is one of the key problems with society as a whole today.
It now seems rather clear that this was a "joke" and not any sort of accident.
I hope that he and any others involved are held accountable and made to take full resonsability for thier lack of respect.

"an honorable and decent human being"
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