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OK he is in jail and owes you $8000. My question is why didn't you defend yourself in the initial attack?

I am 70 yrs old weigh 145 lbs and am a busker. I always, ALWAYS have a slap jack in my pocket and a pair of sap gloves in my kit. These can be bought at any police supply store and you do NOT have to be a cop to have them.

One day a VERY LARGE offensive black guy trie to run me off my pitch. I was on it and he tried to take it over by pushing me down on the ground. I got up and slipped the slap jack out of my pocket and called him a name. When he raised his hand to hit me I nailed him in the ribs with the slap jack. He dropped instead of me. Turned out I broke 2 of his ribs plus I got the respect of every other busker on the pitch. When he shows up now he takes his turn like he should.
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