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Dead Wood Records 12-12-00 12:01 PM

Get Rid Of The Junior
I want to be an adult!

Jim 12-12-00 01:47 PM

Trevor, you of all people, will be the first one to achieve 'Member' Status. All it takes is 15 posts to the system and your status will change automatically.

This should take you roughly 1 hour.


Peter 12-25-00 07:21 PM

Jim, I agree with Trevor on this one. Some of us are too busy to send all those posts to graduate to "MEMBER." Why not drop the number from 15 to 5 or 7. What the hell an arbitrary number is an arbitrary number.


Jim 12-26-00 11:38 AM

I think 15 is a pretty attainable number of posts. That's two messages a day for a week.

Most people post three or four messages in one visit. That's only three or four visits.

Don't feel bad about being a junior. We're all juniors for the first 15 posts.


Peter 12-27-00 05:29 PM

"That's two messages a day for a week.
Most people post three or four messages in one visit. "

OK Jim, but I feel silly posting this one just so I can get up to 15

Peter (I really hate these smile thingies

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Peter 01-07-01 09:08 AM

HOT DAMN! Finally made it to MEMBER and got rid of my "Junior." As one of the Barrymores said "at last I am leggitimate, won't mother be proud!"


(oops forgot to spell check the first time)

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Irina 04-25-01 12:13 AM

What about folks who have been regulars on this site for years? Now the site changed, and we are all 'juniors"....Honestly, I don't care, but I'd rather see the "job-description" of the person then his/her "hierarchy-status" on this site. I care more about what he/she does and where they live and work - of course, I can go to profile and check it out, but why? What if I don't know that I can see the profile by clicking on the grey icon? Why not say "John, magician, Seattle" instead of "John, junior member"? But it's really not a big deal, I'm just very happy that this site exists and Jim is doing such a great volunteer work for all of us...he really should get a non-profit status and solicit donations - I bet some of us would send him a check once in a while, I know I may on a good day...Pass the hat, Jim, none of us, free spirits, will ever pay a membership fee, but we may come out with a hat of international currency...

Jim 04-25-01 01:43 AM

OK Fine.

I'm changing ONE word. Instead of "Junior" member, I'm going to try "New" member.

New Members still last for the first 15 posts. I don't care what you say; if you've posted less than 15 times, you're still 'new' here. I never really did like the Junior...


P.S. Anyone have suggestions to replace "Member"?

martin ewen 04-25-01 04:40 AM

I propose 8 levels starting with 'humble supplicant' and moving up through an extensive screening process over 2 years wherein members of come to your home and stay for months at a time documenting your validity, till finally after a suitabily humiliating group bonding ritual in the continent of your choice you recieve full admission and get to have' The Exalted' under your name.
Damn this headache, do tumors feel salty?

Prof Willie B 04-25-01 08:23 AM

Perhaps we should also have a sacred title for those older, "refuse to lie down" members, those veterans like Nelson, Jim, Nicholas, Voice, Gazzo, Sheridan and "he who would be Younger".
Maybe "Master Masturbateur"
I, personally, was quite happy to be a "Junior Member" in such company.

Jim 04-25-01 08:54 AM


You know, all I really have to do is open up a form and change ONE freakin' line of code to update the listings.

I kind of like the sound of:

The Exalted



worldwidese 04-25-01 01:17 PM

What's the big deal? Does everyone have an inferiority complex that they can't take being junior or new? If we just keep posting normally, we'll all get to be full fledged members eventually.

worldwidese 04-25-01 01:22 PM

BINGO! HUZZAH! HIP HIP HOORAY! I feel great! With my last post I made member status! WOW!!!

grOmmet 02-18-04 07:01 PM

When you get to a certain age / vintage or state of mind.. it doesn't matter WHAT your "official" status is, SURELY??

It's a shame to see people posting for the sake of posting..

.. I mean.. if you've worked the streets.. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU GET CALLED!!! [and we can even turn THAT to our advantage!!]

A wise person once said..

"Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people THINK you are stupid, rather than opening it and confirming how stupid you ARE!!"

I rest my rucksack!


Jim 02-19-04 10:57 PM

Custom User Titles - User titles are the "Member," "New Member," "Administrator" titles under your user name in your posts. If you have more than 100 posts to your name, you are eligible to add a CUSTOM title like "Throbbing Member" or "Large Member" or " addict!" or "I Love Jim" or any words you want. Have fun with that. Go to your USER/CP and click "edit profile" to make changes.

grOmmet 02-20-04 08:40 AM

WOW!!.. WHAT an incentive to fill the forums with doggerel and utter drivel !!... NOW I think I understand why so much SHEER GARBAGE gets typed on PNet... and why it's becoming increasingly difficult to seek out content that is meaningful and relevant to the actual PERFORMING!

Those suffering with Delusions of Adequacy / Verbal Diahorrea.. are spurred on by this "incentive", apparently.

>> SIGH<<

I guess I'll have to wait for QUITE some time before I have "earned" the right to a "custom" membership then....??

[Unless, that is, Jim decides to award "promotion" to those people who exhibit consideration and merit in the content of their post, thereby recognising QUALITY OVER CONTENT.....

Someone once said...

"A WISE man speaks when he has something to say.....
FOOLS speak merely to say something"

Whilst I don't knock "Fools" [after all, it DOES take a truly WISE person to assume such an intelligent role].. I don't recall the membership comprising soley OF fools!!

Yours After Some Consideratation..

[A tongue-in-cheek, though somewhat disappointed Member!]

Famos Bramwells 12-29-04 04:15 PM

I hadn't actually noticed, ( I only read this particular forum because "Get rid of Junior" seemed like a personal attack on somebody), and anyway in my head I always carry around the title "Supreme and Gorgeous Lord" so I really couldnt give a monkeys skinny arse what somebody else may think.
A Happy New Year to you all, you're so sweet.

Minnie Maniac 03-15-05 09:16 PM

I have to admit, I'm here for the same reason as Paddy. I thought it was a personal attack on someone...

Personally, I wanted to stay a junior forever - I'm not old enough to be a senior. Senior just sounds too serious. But I guess now I have to settle for 'new'. Sounds so ho hum. I was resigned to never posting on ever again in order to remain a junior amongst all these oldies, but now I have broken my oath it is all downhill from here...

I look forward to custom status when I'm old enough and while I love the sound of a swollen member, I think I'll settle for any member right now. Or maybe, "wish I had a member". Jim, you'll know I want something if I ever get desperate enough to say "I love Jim", but it was a nice idea.

New for now, but one post closer.

PS Paddy I like your website. Maybe see you at Glastonbury this year... If I can ever figure out how to get there...;)

eurobuskers 03-25-05 03:17 AM

it would be better to post 5 good mails than 15 sacks of shite!
i'm a junior for the moment so here is my next installment of bull shit:D

Famos Bramwells 03-25-05 03:42 PM

PS Paddy I like your website. Maybe see you at Glastonbury this year... If I can ever figure out how to get there...

aaaaaah Glastonbury...... I can taste you already.

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