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Michael Rosman 11-02-06 12:54 AM

only a few spots left, only a few days until
Take your career to the next level.

MiniFest starts in 6 days!

There are a few spots left, but not many.

Reasons to attend:

1) Workshops with amazing teachers
2) Network with professional entertainers from more than 11 different states
3) Get constructive feedback on your routines
4) Have your marketing materials critiqued
5) Discussions of issues important to professional variety performers
6) All four days of meals, snacks, lodging, workshops, bonfires, and laughs
for about $500
7) More than 2/3 rds of attendees have been to a MotionFest or must be good.
8) We laugh a lot

Random other reasons to attend:

You will most likely get bookings by attending well beyond the costs to
attend. Tuesday - Friday schedule means you won't miss weekend gigs. We
should be able to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Very
supportive and social atmosphere. Internet access onsite. Vegetarian meals
available, Location is a beautiful rural conference center. Street
performing at Harborplace available. <>

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