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YINdeYAN 03-22-12 12:22 PM

Physical Theatre, Masks & Clown (With FREE ACCOMMODATION - Limited!!)


27th August - 05th October 2012
(with the possibility of doing individual weeks)

FREE ACCOMMODATION (Limited number - Act quick!!!)


5th International Laboratory of YINdeYAN:

(Actors, Dancers, Directors, Choreographers, Teachers and other people related to physical work and Space)

27/08 to 31/08 NEUTRAL MASK I: Silent theatre
03/09 to 07/09 NEUTRAL MASK II: Action theatre
10/09 to 14/09 LARVAE MASKS and SPACE STUDY
17/09 to 21/09 EXPRESSIVE MASKS I: Full masks
24/09 to 28/09 EXPRESSIVE MASKS II: Half masks (Commedia)
01/10 to 05/10 CLOWN
(Possibility of doing individual weeks)


Movement, Clown and Neutral Mask teacher at the École PHILIPPE GAULIER (Paris) graduated from the École International de Théâtre JACQUES LECOQ (Paris).

Actor, Director and Teacher with international background. He has directed shows for several european companies like "Cirque de Legume" (Jury’s Special Award at the Irish Theatre Festival (New York) and Bewley’s Theatre Award ath the Dublin Fringe Festival on tour since 2009, including Ireland, UK, Canada, USA...).

In 2008 he created YINdeYAN, where he teaches international workshops in Physical Theatre, Masks and Clown for professional actors coming from all over the world. He has also taught different workshops in France, Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden, Brasil and Spain.

Recently selected as Clown by the CIRQUE DU SOLEIL for future projects.

WHEN: 27/08/2012 to 05/10/2012 (TOTAL: 150h + Mask construction hours)
WHERE: Laudio-Llodio (Spain, 20mins from Bilbao) ---> FREE ACCOMMODATION (Limited!! Act Quick!!)
PRICE: 840€ for the whole 6 weeks of Laboratory (Prices by week increase for single weeks)
CANDIDATES: Send a full CV and a letter of interest/motivations to
For further information:

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