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miquee 02-27-06 11:03 AM

giraffe questions
hello everyone...
got some questions about giraffes.... in europe, does anyone have any opinions on which are the best giraffes... i have a friend who swears by pichlerrad. i just looked at their site and its not translated into english and mein deutsch ist nich so gut so i don't understand anything... i'm lookin for one from 180cm to 200cm that can be take apart easily for travel... does anyoe know anything about the giraffes of qu-ax(i think thats the name)? i like their trial unicycles but i have never seen a giraffe... any opinions or advice will be very much appreciated.

theincrediblelarry 02-27-06 03:54 PM has a performer unicycle that goes from a 5foot to 7 foot, and breaks down well for travel, and reasonably priced. I love mine!

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